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IAS solar thermal collector.

International Automated Systems, Inc. (IAUS:PK) turns science into technology products for large, growing industries. The company has many patents and patents pending, the result of careful R&D over many years. Now, IAS is introducing its first two products into the marketplace, and is poised to enter the next phase of growth, with a focus on driving sales in two large industries.
This photo shows IAUS'S new solar panels installed in one of its tower structures. IAUS'S unique thin-film solar panels can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of today's photovoltaic solar panels.  

IAS solar thermal collector with dual axis tracking

World Energy Industry

$3 Trillion/Year

Will solar power ever overtake the oil market? The solar revolution may be closer than you think.



The world's energy market is a staggering $3 trillion per year. This is two times larger than the world's agricultural market. Less than 1% of this energy comes from solar power. Yet, every hour the sun radiates more free energy than the entire human population uses in a whole year.

The dual-axis tracking ability of IAUS'S solar tower structure design.

So why isn't the sun our primary source of power? The cost of harnessing solar energy has been far too expensive to compete with fossil fuels. A revolutionary, breakthrough solar power technology developed by International Automated Systems, Inc. [stock symbol: IAUS.PK] may become the first solar power product to compete with gas. Low-cost energy produced by IAUS's new patented and patent-pending solar technology can be used to generate electricity or produce clean fuels such as hydrogen and green methanol (gasoline replacements) at a competitive price.


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Watch the video to see IAUS’S proprietary dual axis-tracking system in action. In the beginning of the video the panels are positioned away from the sun to show how IAUS’S proprietary tracking system automatically finds the sun and centers the focal point onto the receiver. IAUS’S proprietary controls also detect wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover and precipitation.

IAUS is wrapping up the final stages of testing for large-scale commercialization of its new breakthrough solar power technology. IAUS has made a landmark discovery, possibly developing the first solar power technology likely to replace fossil fuels. According to the International Energy Agency, $11.3 trillion dollars must be invested to bring electricity to the 1.6 billion people throughout the world who currently live without power. IAUS believes it has broken the glass ceiling of solar power by reaching new and uncharted low-cost and high-profile mass production capabilities that could allow it to become a recognizable force within this multi-trillion dollar industry.

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Solar Thermal Collector

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